Donate to the
Palau Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

Your generous donations will help PAWS continue to provide low-cost medical care to the animals of Palau. PAWS is a registered non-profit corporation (TIN 012850-06) and donations made in Palau are tax deductible according to laws of the Republic of Palau. Receipts will be made for all donations.

Any contribution you can make will help the animals in Palau. $20.00 will spay one female dog or cat, or vaccinate and worm two animals.

You can also contact us directly to make a donation:

Palau Animal Welfare Society
P.O. Box 6105
Koror, Palau 96940

Tel: (680) 775-PAWS (7297)
Fax: (680) 488-5513

Did You Know?

One Unspayed Female Dog
Will Result In:

1 Year 16 Dogs
2 Years 128 Dogs
3 Years 512 Dogs
4 Years 2,048 Dogs
5 Years 12,288 Dogs
6 Years 67,000 Dogs

One Unspayed Female Cat
Will Result In:

1 Year 12 Cats
2 Years 67 Cats
3 Years 376 Cats
4 Years 2,107 Cats
5 Years 11,801 Cats
6 Years 66,088 Cats